Personal Cryptocurrency Chatbot


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Chatbot section


The personalized chatbot allows you to control your portfolio on multiple online exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex etc. You can get information and perform trades using simple commands sent through several different channels.

Signals section

Signals / News

You can configure Brobot to send you filters of the data you are interested in. Brobot can send you news about certain coins you follow, or notifications for market changes whose exact parameters you get to define.

API section


We gather market data from multiple online exchanges, and collect news and social media data for major entities of the crypto space. This data can be accessed through our API. Build awesome apps with Brobot.

Unique Selling Points


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For personalizing your bot, Brobot encourages you to work with Read Only API keys as default Mandatory 2-Factor Authentication for trading operations Airtight environment & clear definition of public and private resources Free trial of the public features to generate trust Encryption of the messages and API keys